Kaua’i police arrested a Florida man this week for violating his 14-day mandatory quarantine. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell says he plans to write President Trump to ask that he ban all nonessential travelers from flying to Hawai’i. And on Maui, Mayor Michael Victorino says the courtesy period for quarantine scofflaws is over. “We have finished our educational phase,” he said at a news conference Wednesday, adding that issuing warnings is also over. “Now is the time when enforcement will come into place with citations. Please, please don’t ask us to bend the rules there.”

As far as beachgoing, the mayor said, “You can traverse the park to get to the beach, but you cannot sit down, you cannot lay down. You can’t go to the beach to read a book. You can go to a beach for exercise purposes: walking, running, surfing, fishing, swimming, paddleboard, whatever it may be.” Victorino added, “Your safety is not for me; it’s not for any of us in this room. It’s all of us in this county, so please help us out.”

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