Coronavirus cases by Zip Code for the State of Hawaii
Coronavirus cases by Zip Code for the State of Hawaii

The Department of Health has identified the first case of COVID19 in a Molokai resident late today. Oahu’s total cases topped 200. Department of Public Safety says there are 0 cases in the Maui County Correctional Center. Today marked the second death related to COVID19.

Hawaii COVID-19 CASES by Island
Maui Non Resident New Cases000
Maui NR Total444
Maui Resident New Cases501
Maui Resident Total212122
Maui New1
Maui Total25252627
Maui New Recovered0
Maui Total Recovered11
Maui New Hospitalizations0
Maui Total Hospitalizations0
Molokai New0001
Molokai Total0001
Lanai New0000
Lanai Total0000
Oahu Non Resident New Cases001
Oahu NR Total667
Oahu Resident New152117
Oahu Resident Total125146163
Oahu New24
Oahu Total131152170206
Oahu New Recovered3
Oahu Total Recovered52
Oahu New Hospitalizations0
Oahu Total Hospitalizations14
Oahu New Deaths1
Oahu Total Deaths2
HI Isl Non Resident New000
HI Isl NR Total444
Hawaii Isl. Resident New212
HI Isl. Res Tot101113
Hawaii Isl. New0
Hawaii Isl. Total14151717
Hawaii Isl. New Recovered0
Hawaii Isl. Total Recovered6
HI Isl. New Hospitalizations0
HI Isl. Total Hospitalizations0
Kauai Non Resident New000
Kauai NR Total555
Kauai Resident New000
Kauai Res Total777
Kauai New0
Kauai Total12121212
Kauai New Recovered0
Kauai Total Recovered3
Kauai New Hospitalizations0
Kauai Total Hospitalizations1
New OOS/Unk0000
Out of State Total2222
New Pending7-2132
Total Pending20183120
Statewide Total 204224258285
Total New Positive cases29203427
New Adult Cases283327
Total Adult Cases253280
New Minor Cases110
Total Minor Cases55
New Hi Residents20
Total Hi Residents165187207227
New Non Residents1
Total Non Residents20202021
New Unknown 6
Total Unknown19191925
Total Statewide204226246285
Total # of Tests Conducted867589361046211299
Daily Tests Completed6752611526837
New Hosp.0120
Req. Hospitalization12131515
Total Recovered Today63113
Total Recovered in State55586972
Deaths: Maui0000
Deaths: State0112

SOURCE: State of Hawaii Department of Health. Note data that is not present, was not given for that particular day

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