Oahu and Maui Coronavirus Totals in a line chart showing trajectory of current curve
Oahu and Maui Coronavirus Totals in a line chart showing trajectory of the current curve

The Department of Health released the total cases for State of Hawaii to date, we are at 224, with 20 new cases for March 31, 2020. There is now one death reported due to coronavirus.

The data is not released yet for the total number of tests done. This post will be updated when that information is available.

Hawaii COVID-19 CASES by Island
Maui Non Resident New Cases00
Maui NR Total44
Maui Resident New Cases50
Maui Resident Total2121
Maui Total2525
Molokai New00
Molokai Total00
Lanai New00
Lanai Total00
Oahu Non Resident New Cases00
Oahu NR Total66
Oahu Resident New1521
Oahu Resident Total125146
Oahu Total131152
HI Isl Non Resident New00
HI Isl NR Total44
Hawaii Isl. Resident New21
HI Isl. Res Tot1011
Hawaii Isl. Total1415
Kauai Non Resident New00
Kauai NR Total55
Kauai Resident New00
Kauai Res Total77
Kauai Total1212
New OOS/Unk00
Out of State Total22
New Pending7-2
Total Pending2018
Total Statewide 204224
Total New Positive cases2920
Adults28no data yet
Hi Residents165187
Non Resident2020
Total # of Tests Conducted8675No Data Released Yet
Daily Tests Completed675
New Hosp.01
Req. Hospitalization1213
Released from Isolation Today63
Released from Isolation5558
Deaths: Maui00
Deaths: State01

This chart on Hawaii COVID19 Testing from Hawaii Slack was also compelling:

Go to Hawaiicovidcharts.com for more data like this

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has a state by state analysis, this is the data for Hawaii.

Got to https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections

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