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During this time of school closures and social distancing, Lahaina resident Jen Mather is organizing “Lahaina Strong Keiki Kafe,” a Facebook group where youth can engage in educational and critical thinking activities.

To kick off the opening of the page, keiki are asked to answer the question, “What makes Lahaina Strong?” The Grand Prize and award for “Most Creative” will be a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Other awards will be available as well.

Entrants will be separated into grade levels for the competition: Pre-K to 2nd grade; 3rd grade to 5th grade; 6th to 8thgrade (Intermediate); and 9th to 12th grade (High School). Pre-K  to 2nd graders can choose to compete and submit drawings.

Finalists will be published in the Lahaina News. The deadline to submit is April 30.

Entry submissions can be sent to or uploaded directly to the Facebook Page: The page will be 100 percent live by this evening, said Mather.

“Our keiki are in unchartered waters, and I think it’s important for them to use the writing, researching, and creative skills they’ve been blessed with through the safest means available to us: the Internet,” said Mather.

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