Maui Tomorrow’s new board member Draysen Wilson (left) and environmental planner Natalie Harcrow (right). Images courtesy Maui Tomorrow

Maui Tomorrow Foundation has added a new board member, elected officers for 2020, and hired a new environmental planner. New board member Draysen Wilson, a client associate with Mercer Advisors, earned his bachelor of business administration degree from the University of San Diego. Wilson, with roots on both Maui and Hawai‘i islands, has a passion for agriculture and has agreed to serve on MT’s Sustainable Agriculture Committee to help increase food security on Maui and fight climate change.

Officers for 2020 include president Michael Williams, vice president Lucienne de Naie, secretary Bill Greenleaf, and treasurer Trip Lynch. Other returning board members include Mark Sheehan, Mike Foley, Michael Duberstein, and Tara Grace.

Maui Tomorrow also announced the hiring of Natalie Harcrow as an environmental planner. Harcrow is a recent graduation from the University of Colorado, where she earned a BA in geography, with an emphasis in environmental science.

Harcrow will join Angelica Daoang, who was recently hired as MT’s environmental intern. Daoang is a senior at Maui High School, and is enrolled full-time in sustainability courses at the University of Hawai‘i, Maui College.

Maui Tomorrow Foundation is an environmental advocacy organization that serves as a watchdog for enforcement of Hawai‘i’s environmental and land use laws.

[Disclosure: Suzanne Kayian also works for Councilmember Kelly King.]

Suzanne Kayian is a Maui-based writer, public relations specialist and social media zealot. With more than 20 years experience, Suzanne has contributed to a variety of publications ranging from local independent...

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