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Blood Bank of Hawai‘i is encouraging new and past donors to consider making donations this month; between Thanksgiving and the beginning of January, the blood bank experiences a seasonal dip in donations of approximately 20 percent statewide.

The blood bank will host a December blood drive on Maui, which will help maintain inventory to supply all 18 hospitals statewide. The Blood Bank will be taking donations at the Cameron Center from December 16 to 20 to help meet the state’s needs.

One in seven people entering the hospital in Hawai‘i will need blood, resulting in the need of 200 blood donations every day in Hawai‘i to maintain an adequate blood supply.

Blood Bank of Hawai‘i says to be #bloodbanktough by rolling up your sleeves to share the life-saving gift doesn’t cost anything to give. “If you can spare one hour of your time, donate this December to help patients in need and raise Maui’s ranking in our 2019 Tough Enough Island Donation Challenge,” said a blood bank representative. To date, Maui is in third place in the Tough Enough Island Donation Challenge.

To raise our ranking, Blood Bank will be accepting donations at various times to make it more convenient to donate. Monday, Dec.16, they will be accepting blood donations at the Cameron Center between 9am and 4pm; Dec. 17 from 7am to 3pm; Dec. 18 from 8:15am to 3:30pm; Dec. 19 from 8am to 5pm; and Friday Dec. 20 from 7:30am to 2:30pm (times are subject to change, contact Blood Bank of Hawai‘i for the latest information). 

In order to qualify, potential blood donors must be in good health; be 18 years of age or older (16- and 17-year-olds may donate with signed Blood Bank of Hawai‘i parent/legal guardian consent); weigh 110 pounds or more (additional height and weight requirements apply for female donors 16 to 18 years old); and must have a photo ID with date of birth.

To make an appointment or for more information, call Blood Bank of Hawai‘i at 808-848-4770 or visit

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