August Forecast

The night sky will be shining brightly with a full moon in the sign of Aquarius to start the month on Aug. 1. This will be the first of two full moons in August. Two full moons occurring in a given month, otherwise known as a blue moon, only happens every 2-3 years. During a full moon, the zodiac sign opposite from the Sun becomes illuminated. Additionally, with the Sun currently traveling through the fiery sign of Leo, there is a focus on self-expression.

On the days leading up to and around the full moon in Aquarius, there is a call for going beyond the self and focusing on the greater cause. Thinking about humanity as a whole, and our role in it, is an Aquarian theme. Relevant topics may include artificial intelligence and the rapid technological changes that are occurring on a collective level. Be on the lookout for related stories popping up during this time.

The overarching theme for the entire month will be Venus retrograde. Venus is currently traveling through the sign of Leo, where she is having an extended stay due to going retrograde on July 22. Venus represents love, beauty, how we relate to others, our finances and, most importantly, the things that we value. Since retrogrades are periods where the planets appear to be moving backward from the perspective of Earth, this is a time for reflection and review of the topics Venus represents.

In Leo, Venus wants to express herself authentically. She wants to be playful and bold. Depending on where Leo is in your chart, Venus-related topics will come up that need revisiting. Maybe you need to spend some time reviewing your finances, reconnecting with friends or lovers, paying more attention to your health routine or updating your physical appearance. Pay attention to the topics and themes that arise throughout this transit.

On Aug. 15, there will be a new moon in the sign of Leo. This is a good time to set intentions for the things that are evolving in your life. Think of it as a time for preparing the garden and planting seeds for future growth. Venus will continue to be retrograde until Sept. 3, which allows plenty of time for reflection before she starts moving forward again.

The planets Mars and Mercury will be moving through the sign of Virgo this month. Virgo is an earth sign that is adept at managing the details and giving structure to ideas. Mercury rules Virgo, which means it feels at home in this sign, and can thus be very productive. Take advantage of this energy to go through paperwork that you have neglected, tidy up your to-do list or reorganize things at home.

On Aug. 23, Mercury will join Venus in the retrograde party. This will mean double the energy for reflection and refinement with both Mercury and Venus in retrograde motion.

The full moon in Pisces on Aug. 30 will shed light on broader concepts, ensuring we don’t overlook the bigger picture in favor of minor details. While Mercury in Virgo is skilled at noticing and managing the details, Pisces energy brings in the creative spark and imagination needed to bring our dreams into reality. That said, August isn’t the ideal month for forward movement. Instead, use this energy to catch-up, make refinements and prepare for the future.


Sun / Rising Sign Horoscopes

Most accurate using your Rising Sign. Use your Sun Sign if you don’t know your Rising Sign.

ARIES (MAR. 21- APR. 19)
Get your creative juices flowing and express yourself. Doing it for yourself is great, but showing off your creative efforts to the world is even better.

TAURUS (APR. 20 – MAY 20)
Reconnecting with home and family could be a theme for you this month. Some forgiveness and tolerance may be what is needed to reestablish healthy connections.

Duties and responsibilities may be taking up a lot of your time recently. Schedule in some time for activities where you can enjoy yourself and balance all of that work with a bit of play.

Partaking in some fun activities with friends can be very fulfilling right now. Enjoy the summer and invite some friends over, or make plans to travel somewhere that excites you.

LEO (JULY 23 – AUG. 22)
Your personal style is evolving and big, personal shifts are happening for you. Give it some time and think things through before doing anything drastic.

VIRGO (AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22)
Take some time this month for solitude and introspection. Allow yourself the space to gather awareness and fill your own cup.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 – OCT. 22)
Outward appearances are a reflection of inner beauty. Tend to your inner world so that you can radiate the essence of your beautiful soul.

SCORPIO (OCT. 23 – NOV. 21)
Take stock of how your work routine flows. Are you making enough time for yourself and your close relationships? If not, now is a great time to make that a priority again.

Reconnecting with friends that you haven’t seen for a while can be very nourishing this month. This is also a favorable time for upgrading your health routine.

Now is a great opportunity to work on any unfinished projects around the house. Although the grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, you may be surprised what a little effort can do for your own space.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 – FEB. 18)
This month, events may occur that will push you to take a deeper look at your intimate and professional relationships.

PISCES (FEB. 18 – MAR. 20)
This is an optimal time for transforming your health routine. Listen to your body and tune into which areas need adjustment.