1917-R-Drama, Action-Two World War I soldiers are assigned a nearly impossible mission but thousands of lives depend on it. Hold on to your seat! 120 min.

3POL TROBOL HULI KA BALBON-NR-Drama, Suspense – APOLLO “Pol” BALBON played by Coco Martin, has gotten in deep at work, where he is security chief for the executive director of the National Defense Agency. He discovers a breach, and his boss is killed but not before revealing classified info to him. Now he is the suspect! 1 hour 48 minutes.


21 BRIDGES-R-Action/Adventure, Drama, Suspense/Thriller-Chadwick Boseman is the NYPD detective trying to find a couple of cop killers in NY, and closes down all the bridges and tunnels to get to the bottom of his case. 99 min.

BOMBSHELL (2019) R-Comedy, Drama- The true story of how blond power took down Fox News’ pervy CEO Roger Ailes that was forced to resign among a sea of sexual harassment cases from colleagues. Stars Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman. #metoo 108 min

CATS (2019) PG-Animated, Comedy, Drama-The Jellicle tribe gets its debut on the big screen with Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson and Idris Elba, and so many more famous cats. There will be new songs, old songs, and lots of digital cat magic. Derulo actually complained about how the cgi diminished his cat package. Meow. 110 min.

FROZEN II-G-What is up with Elsa’s crazy cold powers anyway? Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff have to travel into an enchanted forest to save the kingdom from another mystical threat. 114 min.

FORD V FERRARI-PG-13-Action/Adventure, Drama-Based on the true story of two white dudes who built a phenomenal race car in ‘66.  152 min

THE GRUDGE (2020)-R-Horror- Haunted house to da max! This bloody remake is by the producer Sam Raimi (THE EVIL DEAD). 93 min

JUMANJI PG-13-Action/Adventure, Comedy- Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart team up to play the twisted game of Jumanji again, but this time they are in the snowy mountains.  114 min

JUST MERCY-PG-13-Drama-Based on the true story of how renown civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson worked to get a wrongfully incarcerated prisoner off of death row in racist Alabama. 136 min

KNIVES OUT-PG-13-Comedy, Suspense/Thriller- A star-studded cast plays whodunit when a famous crime novelist dies and Daniel Craig shows up as the detective hired to solve the mystery. 131 min.

LIKE A BOSS-R-Comedy- Tiffany Haddish co-stars with Rose Byrne as a cosmetics moguls who are selling out to the man. 83 min

LITTLE WOMEN (2019)-PG-Drama, Romance-We can’t get enough of telling this classic tale of four women by Louisa May Alcott. This is the latest installment. 135 min.

THE MALL, THE MERRIER!-NR-Sensations Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis play brother and sister competing with the most outrageous schemes to inherit The Mall after their parents pass. 123 min

RICHARD JEWELL R-Drama- Clint Eastwood portrays the 15 min of shitty fame Jewell got as the security guard who found a bomb at the ‘96 Atlanta Summer Olympics and saved people, but the FBI thought it was his doing for a hot second. Why the fuh did they have the Olympics in Atlanta? 131 min

SPIES IN DISGUISE-PG-Action/Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Family-Will Smith and Tom Holland play the animated agent and tech designer about to see the tables turned on them. 102 min

STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER (2019) PG-13-Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy- People are freaking out over the fact that Palpitine is back. The Resistance is up against the New Order in the final chapter of Skywalker done by JJ Abrams.  2 hr 35 min

UNCUT GEMS-R-Comedy, Drama, Suspense/Thriller- Adam Sandler plays a gambler hustling through a day of long shots. 135 min

UNDERWATER-PG-13-Action/Adventure, Drama, Horror, Suspense/Thriller- A PG-13 horror starring Kirsten Stewart battling demons 3 miles below the ocean surface? That’s right up my alley. 95 min

For more up to the date events go to

MauiTime’s Maui Movie Theaters & Showtimes | January 9th-January 15th, 2020

Kaahumanu 6

Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center, Kahului. 1-800-326-3264 (Matinees: every day until 4pm)

1917-R-FRI-SAT 11:25 2:00 4:40 7:15 9:50 SUN-WED 11:25 2:00 4:40 7:15 9:50 

3POL TROBOL HULI KA BALBON-NR-FRI-SAT 11:35 2:15 4:50 7:25 10:00 SUN-WED 12:10 2:50 5:25 8:00 

THE GRUDGE (2020)-R FRI-SAT 12:25 2:40 4:55 7:10 9:25 SUN-WED 12:25 2:40 4:55 7:10 

STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER (2019) PG-13-FRI-SAT 12:40 3:40 6:40 9:40 SUN-WED 12:40 3:40 6:40 

JUMANJI PG-13-FRI-SAT 12:00 2:30 5:00 7:30 10:00 SUN-WED 12:00 2:30 5:00 7:30 

FROZEN II-G-FRI-SAT 11:45 2:10 4:35 7:00 9:25 SUN-WED 12:10 2:35 5:00 7:25

Maui Mall Megaplex

Maui Mall, Kahului, 808-249-2222 (Matinees: M-Th until 6pm, F-Su until 3:30pm)

Call for more showtimes, Regal Theatre did not have all of their information ready by press time

Regency Kihei Cinemas

1819 S. Kihei Rd., 808-891-1016 (Matinees: every day until 5pm)

1917-R-FRI-SAT 1:30 4:30 7:10 9:50 SUN-WED 1:30 4:30 7:10

STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER (2019) PG-13-FRI-SAT 12:30 3:50 7:00 10:00  SUN-WED 12:30 3:50 7:00 

JUMANJI PG-13-FRI-SAT 12:50 4:00 7:20 10:10 SUN-WED 12:50 4:00 7:20 

KNIVES OUT-PG-13 FRI-SAT 1:00 4:20 7:30 10:20 SUN-WED 1:00 4:20 7:30 

Wharf Cinema Center

658 Front St., Lahaina, 808-249-2222 (Matinees: Tue all shows, until 6m every other day)

Call for more showtimes, Regal Theatre did not have all of their information ready by press time

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