Illustration by Ron Pitts

Eh brah, Mayor Victorino, hele mai to the South Side to Cove Park, and tell me if you smell that! Because we do everyday!! Brah, those porta potties is so nasty and pilau, makes me palu! What I don’t get is, with the hundreds of locals and visitors who frequent Cove Beach Park on a daily basis to swim, surf, and watch the sunset, that the porta potties aren’t cleaned more often than once a week (if that)! Da potties stay filled to da max and so hauna you can smell it throughout the park! Bad enough the porta pottie doors stay broke, don’t stay closed and are held by rocks! Weekends, when da ‘ohana gathers, the porta potties stay molepo and unusable! This is a disgrace to the Kihei community! Auwe! Something needs to be done at least for da keiki!

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