Illustration by Ron Pitts

It sure took the aloha spirit out of my sails when I came out from a hike at the Bamboo Forest to see my side window smashed in. Seeing as I drive an Outback you knew I wasn’t a tourist, and the car seat in the back showed me to be a parent (a single father at that). You took only a shiny waist pack that had my 8-year-old daughter’s fake phone and doll “make up” kit. When you got your “haul,” did you feel like you’d done well for yourself? The repercussions: $500 deductible and time/wages lost from work dealing with this, two young girls sitting on towels over broken glass back to Wailuku, and learning to distrust the people living on this island. Rethink your actions before karma comes back hard on you. PS: Mahalo for leaving the “adult” wallets in the car untouched. Maybe try a different career since you’re obviously terrible at this. Failed criminals tend to end up imprisoned or dead.

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