Are you the Best of Maui? Let the island know!

Nominations Open: May 19 – June 9 Finalist Voting: June 16 – July 7 Winners will be revealed in our annual Best of Maui winners edition in print and online on August 1st.

What is Best of Maui?

No one knows Maui better than our readers. Best of Maui is our annual readers poll where they make their picks on the best things our island has to offer across all 8 different groups. The campaign happens over the course of 3 months, and results in the ultimate list of our readers’ choice of the Best of Maui.  Readers vote for the best in different categories, which are grouped into 8 broader groups: Food, Drink, People, Retail, Services, Arts & Entertainment, Health & Beauty and Da Kine.

For a full list of all categories, click here.

How does Best of Maui work?

There are two phases to Best of Maui. The first is the Nomination phase starting May 19th and ending June 9th. During this time, we ask our readers to nominate their favorite businesses, bars, restaurants, products, people etc. Once nominations are closed, we tally the submissions, and narrow to the five finalists who received the most nominations under each category. Then from June 16th – July 7th we hold our Final Voting phase, where readers vote on who truly deserves to be called the Best of Maui. After voting ends, we tally the votes and publish the winners in our Best of Maui edition in both print and online on August 1st.

What do I get if I win?

Most importantly, bragging rights. For a whole year, you can tell everyone that the people of Maui love you so much, they overwhelmingly voted YOU as the Best of Maui 2023. There are other perks, too, like getting “winner” artwork to show off your win, getting your name in our Best of Maui edition (in print and online), and a chance to join us at our annual Best of Maui winners party.

But Best of Maui is about more than bragging rights, it’s really about celebrating local. Think of it as an island-wide celebration of local people and business and an opportunity for you to engage your customer base, friends, and family while also drawing in new audiences for your business.

This is great. So how do I get voted Best of Maui?

Campaign, campaign, campaign! Send e-blasts, post on social, advertise with MauiTimes, and make sure everyone you know is nominating you. Advertise on the ballot itself!

After nominations close, the top 5 nominees move to the final voting round, and the campaign continues. This is not only an opportunity to be named “Best of” but an opportunity to run a dedicated awareness campaign that speaks directly to our community.

We have plenty of advertising opportunities to better drive votes for yourself and get people to associate you as the Best of Maui, and assets for you to use across your platforms, at this link.

Tips For A Successful Best of Maui Campaign!

1. Tell everyone you know!

Talk to customers, friends, and local businesses to encourage them to nominate you. Share on your social media and use #BOM2023 and #bestofmaui2023.

2. Promote with Best of Maui assets on your storefront.

Catch the attention of customers and potential nominees as they pass by your place of business. Print and place Best of Maui assets in your storefront windows. Campaign assets can be found here. Download and place a sign next to your check out area encouraging customers to nominate you.

3. Inform employees.

Make sure employees are involved in your Best of Maui campaign by showing them how it works, encouraging promotional ideas, and training them to inform your customers.

4. Take advantage of your email list.

Email your customers and encourage them to nominate you. You can also gain traction by adding  a Best of Maui voting link to all your staffing email signatures.

5. Invest in Best of Maui advertising options.

Help your business stay top-of-mind as readers are nominating by advertising on the Best of Maui ballot. To advertise directly on this year’s ballot contact our sales department to get started or to learn more. TOMMY RUSSO  – 808-283-0512 – DAWUD MORAGNE – 808-442-2282 –